Example Kits

Example Art Kits

To demonstrate the kinds of art material combinations you can achieve for a selection of common course types, we’ve highlighted three example Art Kits - Architecture, Fashion & Textiles and Graphics/Illustration.

For each kit that you decide upon for your course, we provide a unique URL for ordering, that is not publicly viewable on the site - the link would be shared between the prospective students intending to study the course in question.

The following example Art Kits can, of course, be as comprehensively bespoke as your course requirements demand.


Containing a comprehensive selection of traditional tools for Architectural drawing and design work, including a number of our high-quality, own-brand materials, this general Architecture Art Kit can be exactly tailored to your institution’s needs. 

For example, this kit contains a desk-mounted drawing board, which can raise the price of the Art Kit significantly, so this can be removed entirely or replaced with any number of different products. There are very few limitations in what materials we can source for your Art Kit, so please contact our team to arrange this in detail.


Fashion & Textiles

For any course related to Fashion Design, Textiles, or Costume Design, this kit contains a wide selection of all the related equipment you may need. This example kit includes a spiral bound sketchbook, perfect for being able to accommodate the extra thickness that mixed media or textile designs require, and everything from set squares and a cutting edge ruler to a tailor’s tape measure.

We have been supplying this category of course for a number of years at Artway, so we have a lot of expertise in selecting the appropriate materials - please do get in touch with us with your specific requirements!


Graphics / Illustration

The supplies needed for this example kit are for a specific graphics or illustration course, but of course, most creative courses require the fundamental combination of sketchbooking materials, so the basics are included here, such as high quality sketchbooks and pens & pencils, but we can also supply associated products such as scalpels, cutting mats, markers, mechanical pencils, etc - anything your course requires. Our huge range of own-brand paper and sketchbooks at Artway give you lots of choice in courses tailored to drawing and illustration, so you are sure to find your perfect combination.


If you have any additional queries regarding the bespoke nature of your course kit, please feel free to contact our team of experts - you can find all the details on our Contact Us page.