AUB Costume Design Kit

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AUB Costume Design
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The Department requires ALL STUDENTS to have the appropriate kit list prior to commencement of their course. The complete list (below) is available at a special price for a limited period from ARTWAY Creative Supplies.
Included in Your Kit:
Artway A3 Enviro Wiro Sketchbook
Artway mixed pack of short handled brushes x 8 (round/flat in a variety of bristles)
Artway Deep Welled Palette
Artway Circle Template
Artway Set Square Set: 60 & 45 degree
ARTWAY A4 Watercolour Pad - 300gsm
ARTWAY Pencil Set x12 in pocket wrap. Includes sharpener and polymer eraser
Acrylic Paint set - 5 x 60ml Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylics
Derwent Artist quality Coloured Pencils - watercolour (12)
UHU Glue Stick
Dr. Martins - Indian Ink. Very good quality Black & Brown Drawing Ink
4" Good Quality Westcott Titanium Embroidery Scissors
Putty Eraser
Paper Scissors 21CM
Natural Sponges
Glasspaper Assorted Sheets x 5. 230 x 280mm
Sewing Kit: Tailors Scissors. 8" Drop forged
High quality wood working adhesive with Durability Class 3 water-resistance. 250ml
Block of Beeswax
Tailors Tape Measure with long brass end. 18.5mm x 1500mm Metric/Imperial
Seam Ripper
Glass Head Long Pins 50mm x 0.8mm (box x 50). 66041
24 x Nickel plated safety pins (mixed)
Please Note: We reserve the right to substitute items on a like for like basis subject to availability
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This kit will be delivered to the AUB during the week beginning the 21st September, so the ordering cut-off date to make this delivery is Thursday 17th September - please ensure you have made your order before this date.
Delivery of Your Kit
Upon confirmation of your order, we will ship the kit to the AUB with your name attached.
Unfortunately, there is no option for these kits to be delivered to home addresses.
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